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The Evolution is a criminal/corrupt cop organization in the state of San Andreas founded by Alif_WWE on 10th November 2014 (A day to remember). Since then, Evolution has faced a lot of challenges such as being victims of undermining, back-stabbings. But here we are, still standing strong. We are a group where old players work together with new players. Evolution is about the Past, the Present and the Future. We evolve. We are also about principles and honor. Together, we are always prepared as a faction. Being on each other's sides and watching each other's backs, we are ready to overcome all odds that were or will be stacked against us.

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Adrenaline - The Evolution Montage
Credits To: Deputy Bombastic150

*Application System Updates*

15 APRIL 2017

New board added:
Reprobated & Trial Applications

Reprobated and trial applications will be moved to this board once decisions are made by The Authorities. Reprobate player will have to apply again, if player want to join officially.

New board added:
CnR Trial Players

If player(s) are on trial, they will be added to trial group and they are able to view the board. Do talk with us here / get to know the members if you really want to join us.

9 JULY 2016

New requirement! We will check your account connect time, if your account is below 150hours, your application will get denied.
• Your account needs to have atleast 150hrs connect time in total.

21 MAY 2016

New form added that applicants need to fill the string.
• Link your CnR Forum account:

Also this little reminder:
The application form above, every string needs to be filled in, or else your application won't be taken seriously!